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  •        Listen to the finest online radio channels presented on  Some Internet radio portals are boasting thousands of stations where it’s often hard to find anything worth hearing.  In contrast, the channels are regularly updated based on user preferences to make sure listeners choose from among the best audio streams.
  •        The channels are authentic and curated by their owners which means quality unmatched by any automated audio stream service.  This also means that various channels can offer variety programming, and, while being attributed to one or more specific music styles on, are therefore "genre bending" or cross-genre.
  •        Perhaps you notice that some channels disappear from the site - but then may reappear again.  Well, that's how streaming radio works these days, and channels can sometimes go offline.  We'll see if the situation gets more stable in the future, but for now the system is being developed to detect broken radio channels and hide them from the site.  And don't worry - if any one of your Favorite channels stopped working but then is back online, it should also be back on your Fav list.  While auto monitoring of channels by the system is being fine tuned, there may be occasional issues with some streams or browsers where certain channels may not play correctly - please report those or share any suggestions using the Contact us link above.
  •        The Post an Ad link above is for placement of advertisements and is only accessible from the desktop version of the site.
  •       When you first open the site what starts playing is the top channel from the Prime list.  You can browse available channels by music styles.  Another way to change channels is by using the Fast Forward / Rewind buttons.  If you don't have a Favorite channel list yet these buttons switch between the Prime channels, and if you already have your own Favorites they work by changing channels from the Fav list.  Please note that for now the Rewind button also switches channels only from these two channel lists - starting from the bottom or the previously played channel if it was the preceding channel on the list.  By the way, the player also stops and starts by pressing Spacebar on the keyboard.
  •        If you already have an account on press the Star on the player when a channel is being played and it gets added to your Favorites.  Add more channels to your Favorites and you have one-click access to your personal radio.
  •        When listening to radio channels of your choice, you hear tracks that you’d better skip.  And you can do just that with – press the Block button on the player and the track is added to your Block list and is never played again!  Please note that you can only block a track when its info is displayed on the player.  Instead of playing the banned track, the player switches to another channel whose choice is determined by the channel’s style and rating – and you can also manage that choice.
  •        Just a tip – while some stations broadcast advertising and other inserts, sometimes you may even block those.
  •       Please use the Block button with moderation: certain channels broadcast shows rather than single tracks so you might ban an entire music session, and you may find a few high quality channels which transmit no data for individual tracks, so if you press Block when they are played you’d ban the entire channel.  Also, because many channels transmit track title data not in perfect sync with the actual audio and the difference can be in the range of a few seconds or more, you’d better make sure the track title you are banning is what is being played.  When a channel is playing a track from your Block list, you cannot turn on that channel except when you scroll to it using the FF / Rewind buttons.
  •       When a track is blocked and you already have Favorite channels generally the next channel to play is chosen from your Favorites.  What’s more, in your Favorites section you can create personal channel Playlists, such as Upbeat, Relax, what have you, or your own versions of Rock, Jazz, or Dance … channel Playlists.  Then what happens is your Favorite channels are usually rotated within the relevant Playlist unless you switch one Playlist to another.  Dividing channels into Playlists also helps you quickly access channels within those music style groups.  Rate channels with the Minus and Plus buttons on the player and will also use your personal and overall site ratings to decide which channels to play.
  •       Sounds like fun and not too complicated?  We thought so.  You can now listen to channels you like without the tracks you hate, or the hassle of downloading tracks or “creating your personal radio stations” as many online audio services tell you to do.

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