Formatting a Banner

While a number of other file formats may be supported, the preferred formats are JPEG and PNG.

The banner sizes are:

- 200 x 200 pixels for the top Main page banners; and

- 320 (horizontal) x 50 (vertical) pixels for all the others.

There are two ways to adjust your banner size:

(1) Use any picture editor to format the picture yourself. Small size differences are allowed and typically don't affect picture quality; or

(2) Reduce your picture so that its smallest horizontal or vertical size matches the size of the banner frame (i.e. 200, 320, or 50 pixels) and upload the picture. Once uploaded, the extra right-side or lower portion of the picture will be automatically cut off. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHICH PART OF THE PICTURE WILL BE REMOVED BEFORE UPLOADING.