If you are a streaming radio station owner, you are welcome to post your channel(s) on  Please use the Contact us form located at and provide the following information: your station and/or channel name, audio format, audio stream URL, the channel's webpage address, language, music style section(s) you would like your channel to appear in (please see the selection at and whether it transmits any news, "talk", or ads, as well as a small size logo (or we can use an image from your webpage or the default pic).

Please note that currently only Icecast and SHOUTcast streams in the MP3 - preferably starting from 128 Kbps - or Ogg Vorbis, and in some cases AAC, audio formats are accepted.  Also, while certain exceptions are allowed, generally only works with audio streams that provide full track artist and title data.

After you've suggested a channel and it is posted, please make sure you timely update us about any changes to the channel that may affect its performance or compatibility with

If you would like extra promotion for your channel, it can be posted into the Prime Channels section.  The top channel from the Prime section starts playing when a user first visits the site, and when pressing the FF/Rewind buttons on the player, an unregistered user scrolls through the Prime list.

Channels may only be posted, and reserves the right to remove any channels, in's sole discretion.

You can place advertisements on using the Post an Ad link which is only accessible from the desktop version of the site.

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